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Oud Bruin FEST '21 postponed to October 2022

posted on nov 30, 2021

Dear Oud Bruin Fans,


Due to current conditions, Oud Bruin FEST '21 is not going to happen.
But postponement is not a cancellation, we are moving the event to next year and are going to bang even harder then.

- New date Oud Bruin FEST = 7 & 8 October 2022

Please mark the following date in your agenda, because the first edition of the Oud Bruin FEST will take place on 7 & 8 October 2022.
We hope you'll be there so we can make it an unforgettable edition.

- Purchasing tickets & tokens

Regarding the purchased tickets and tokens, you will all receive an email with necessary information regarding the progress of your order.

- Oud Bruin MEGABLEND 2021

We created a unique beer in honor of Oud Bruin Fest where we blend 12 red brown sour beers from 12 different breweries into a unique Megablend. From December 10, 2021, the 75cl bottles of this special brew will be available. You will find this unique bottle on our webshop (https://brouwerij-t-verzet.myshopify.com/collections/oud-bruin-fest), offline shop in the brewery and in the local bottle shops. So be quick because gone = gone!

- Oud Bruin BOX

As you already know we are on a mission to make Flemish Red Sour Ale popular again. Oud Bruin Fest was a part of that. To continue our mission, we will soon be offering different versions of a 'Oud Bruin BOX'. Do you want to know which beers will be in it? Surf from December 10 to our webshop or pick up a box during the 'Open Brewery Day'.

- Open Brewery Day

Many of you probably already planned a trip to the far away West-Flanders for the Oud Bruin FEST. For those of you who can't contain your enthusiasm this weekend and want to ease the pain, we are organizing an 'Open Brewery Day' at Brouwerij 't Verzet. Be welcome to come take a look at our brewery, have a beer and pick up some beers in our offline shop to take home so you can get through the holidays hydrated. Don't forget your CST and mouth mask!

Friday, December 10, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday, December 11 from 2pm to 8pm.
Grote Leiestraat 117, 8570 Anzegem


We are incredibly sorry that we have to move the first edition of Oud Bruin FEST. But as mentioned before, postponement is not a cancellation.
We hope that we have been able to warm you up and that you will stay warm until October 2022 to make it a great edition!




posted on nov 30, 2021


With deep regret we have to announce that we are forced to cancel the first edition of our Oud Bruin FEST. Our government has decided, due to the current situation in Belgium, not to allow any large events to take place until mid-December.

On Friday 19 November it was decided by our government that events could continue until the end of this year with CST and a mouth mask. After internal and external consultation, we decided early this week to let everything continue because we were convinced that we could do so according to those rules.

Today, Friday 26 November, our government came together again to enforce more strict rules. Events that take place inside must go on while seated. As a result of this decision we are forced to cancel Oud Bruin FEST this year because we do not have the capacity to organize it safely and efficiently.

But postponement is not a cancellation! Concrete information regarding the purchase of your tickets, presale tokens and the continuation of the event we will try to explain as clearly as possible in the coming days. We will first have internal meetings to sort everything out.

However, our enthusiasm is strong and we remain positive. Our goal is to promote Flemish Red Brown and Old Brown and we will continue to do so! We hope you understand the situation and we will not drain you of the enthusiasm to put this style back on the map.

Stay positive and sour to the people!


Oud Bruin FEST '21

posted on jun 29, 2021

Brewery 't Verzet honors Flemish red-brown beers with Oud Bruin FEST '21


Brewery 't Verzet from Anzegem organizes on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 December the first edition of their beer festival Oud Bruin FEST in Evenementenhal Depart in Kortrijk. This is the first beer festival ever focusing on Flemish Red Sour Ales and Oud Bruin beer, recognized as a regional product in South West Flanders. More than 30 breweries from Belgium and abroad will bring their interpretations of the style to be tasted by the general public.

Oud Bruin deserves to be in the spotlight. The dusty image is slowly making way for a revival. Young breweries such as 't Verzet are getting back into the swing of things and consumers are also rediscovering the established values. The Anzegem brewers want to give this beer style the stage it deserves and are therefore organizing Oud Bruin FEST '21, a beer festival focusing on Flemish Red Sour Ale and Oud Bruin beers.

During the two-day festival, lovers of the better beer can taste about 120 different beers, mainly Flemish Sour Ales and Olid Bruin, but also other styles will be represented. By comparing the different beers, the 2000 visitors can discover the great diversity of this classic Flemish style. Of course, no beer on an empty stomach. Local heroes therefore provide a wide range of delicious meals during the festival that go perfectly with a good glass of beer.

Masterclasses and Megablend

If you would like to immerse yourself completely in the fresh and sour South-West Flemish style, you can attend one of the Masterclasses on Flemish Red Sour Ales during the beer festival. During these, some well-known experts in the field will share their knowledge and experiences with this beautiful craft. 

Among the 30 breweries present you will find all the Belgian breweries that have an Oud Bruin or Flemish Red Sour Ale in their range. Brewery 't Verzet united many of them to create an Oud Bruin FEST Megablend in honor of the festival. To come up with this unique, one-off blend, the brewers blended beers from the different breweries together in the right proportions until they had the perfect Oud Bruin Megablend. This beer will be available in 75cl bottles during the festival. 


Mark December 10 and 11 in your calendar and visit www.oudbruinfest.be for tickets and info. 


Friday 10 December, 4 p.m. to midnight
Saturday 11 December, 2 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Evenementenhal Depart, Kortrijk


Listen Local

posted on mei 11, 2020

To keep the good vibes @tverzet each day we're going to stream a Belgian band for 24h. This way they earn €3.

As an independent brewery we felt a lot of support from our customers the last weeks. We want to do the same. 

Follow our daily stories on Instagram to discover what team 't Verzet listens to.

#streamallday #rockandroll #belgiumbands #independentcraft #ikluisterbelgisch

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