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In combining passion with profound knowledge, we are able to offer a range of esteemed beers that cater to every taste.


Oud Bruin Infusions


A limited edition of Oud Bruin variations, which only make an appearance once a year.


Bootleg Beers


Every now and then, we brew up something completely new, just to still our enormous thirst for experiment.


Let's go on safari

Care to explore our brew jungle? You want to inhale the aromas of a brewery while walking between the brewing tanks and listening to the fascinating story that is the brewing process? Or maybe you’d rather have a private tasting of our beers, in our brewery or at your place of choice? All that is just an email away. 

A guided tour of the brewery costs € 10. Three samples of your choice included. 

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Open Brewery Days @ Brewery 't Verzet

posted on nov 15, 2022

Open Brewery Days @ Brewery 't Verzet

Come visit our brewery on November 26 & 27 from 2pm to 6pm and discover what our brewing jungle has to offer.

Would you like to be the first to taste our new beer while the kids play in our nice garden?
Then feel free to pop in and enjoy a short tour (no reservation needed) or nestle into our cozy taproom.

More information on www.toerisme-leiestreek.be/brouwerijdagen
See you then!


Verzet Bottle Shop

posted on aug 31, 2022

Our Shop is open from Monday to Friday: 9h00 - 18h00


Traffic work on Waregem (E17) entry and exit slip road starts on 19 April

posted on apr 19, 2022

Works on Waregem (E17) Vlecht slip road start on 19 April

19 APRIL 2022 - 30 JUNE 2022

Effective works on the Vlecht, over the E17, will start on Tuesday, April 19.
This phase will take place over the bridge and on the side of Anzegem and should be completed by mid-June.

 Traffic coming from Kortrijk can enter the E17 via the normal entrance before the bridge. 
 Traffic coming from Ghent can only leave the E17 in the direction of Waregem via the normal exit.

 For all other traffic, detour are planned.

- Traffic from Waregem to Anzegem will have to detour via the Franklin Rooseveltlaan, Wortegemseweg and Flanders-Fieldweg.
  A detour is also possible via Henri Lebbestraat and Industrielaan towards Anzegem.
- Traffic from Waregem to Ghent will have to take a detour via the entry and exit complex in Deerlijk (E17, nr4).
- Traffic from Anzegem to Kortrijk or Waregem has to follow a detour via the Tiegemberg/Kapellestraat and the Stijn Streuvelsstraat to Deerlijk. There you can take the E17 towards Kortrijk, or via the Ringlaan (N36)     and Kortrijkseweg/Gentseweg (N43) towards Waregem. 
- Traffic from Anzegem to Ghent follows a detour via the Anzegemsesteenweg (N494) to the traffic circle with the Winston Churchillstraat. There you follow the Winston Churchillstraat (N459) until the entry and exit   complex of Kruishoutem (no. 6) to drive in the direction of Gent.
- Traffic from Kortrijk to Waregem will take a detour via the exit Deerlijk (no. 4), the Ringlaan (N36) and then take the Gentsesteenweg (N43) to Waregem. 

In addition, the bicycle paths on the bridge of the Expresweg over the E17 will be closed. Cyclists will be diverted in both directions via the bridge of the Wortegemseweg over the E17.


More info: https://www.waregem.be/nieuws/werken-vlecht-starten-op-19-april


Oud Bruin FEST '22 is happening!

posted on mrt 17, 2022

Oh yeah, Oud Bruin FEST '22 is happening! ????
Tickets and tokens are available now!

Oud Bruin FEST '22
The first beer festival ever that focuses on Flemish Red Sour Ales.
More than 30 breweries from Belgium and other countries will bring their interpretations of the style. ????

See you all at OBF22!!

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